Photography means 'writing with light'. It is all about expressing tension, movement, atmosphere.
Touching the essence of a human being, a landscape or an emotion. Telling a story.

Jeroen Gosse

I literally grew up with photography: my father was a photojournalist and a cameraman, among other things. Over the years, I developed a fascination with the power of the image: what exactly is it that can give a person’s face so much character, or make a cloudy sky so incomparably beautiful? How can I capture that intangible "it" with my camera? The key is playing not just with shapes and colors, but, above all, with light and the moment.

A good photograph draws you, the viewer in; you are not just looking at the image--you are living it. It touches you, tells you a story.


De Kracht van Beeld can supply photographs for a wide range of media, including brochures, websites, reports, books, presentations and posters.

I prefer to start from scratch, taking photographs specifically for your application. There are two benefits to this. First, the resulting photographs will uniquely fit your narrative. Second, this improves coherence.

Of course, I can make a selection from my own comprehensive photo archive as well.

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De Kracht van Beeld (The Power of the Image) works for a variety of clients, from governments to the business world to non-profit organizations. Do you need photographs? The first step would be a discussion of the message you are trying to convey and how that is best accommodated by your medium. I can either take photographs specifically for you, or you can make a selection from my comprehensive photo archive. Non-profit organizations and charities enjoy special rates.